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PLC & SCADA System Programming & Commissioning

Programming, Starting Up & Modifying Critical Processes in All Industries

Whether your system is simple discrete or complex analogue I/O with PID loops requiring tuning and sophisticated monitoring devices, we have programmers with diverse experience that can tailor software requirements to meet your specific needs.
We have experience with programming, starting up and modifying critical processes in all industries utilizing various PLC's and SCADA systems including, but not limited to Allen Bradley SLC-5/01-05, PLC-5, All Logix platforms including GuardLogix, G.E.Fanuc, Omron, Siemens, Modicon, Indramat, Emerson, and Toyopuc.

For information about Keltour products and services, please contact a sales representative at 905.335.6000 or email sales@keltour.com

* Projects are designed in conjunction with our customer and engineering partner organization.