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About keltour Controls

    Who We Are

    Keltour Controls is a market leader in the highly specialized areas of control systems integration and the manufacture of electrical control panels. Our skilled, talented and expertly trained team of electricians, design engineers*, programmers and specialists continue to dazzle our discerning clients with "wow" solutions. Thousands of Keltour's innovative control system installations are found the world over, across all high performing sectors. Flexible, creative and customer service obsessed, talk to us to explore the endless ways you could achieve complete control on demand.

    At Keltour, We:

    • Are a CSA and UL certified shop for up to 600V - 600A (should your requirements exceed these ratings a special ESA inspection can be arranged)
    • Able to certify industrial control panels relating to hazardous locations with intrinsically safe circuits UL(698A)/CSA
    • Meet NEMA environmental requirements
    • Produce AutoCAD solutions that meet exacting industry standards
    • Offer system programmable logic controller (PLC), AC/DC Drives and Servo and HMI programming

    Our Values

    Ours is a history of success - the kind of success that's been made possible by the way we approach work with our customers and each other. We cultivate an environment that promotes creativity, innovation and true teamwork. We respect the demands and pressures our customers experience and their requests are always met with care. We work hard every day to deliver on the promises we make. As a result, the strong relationships we have with our team members, our customers and our industry partners continue to flourish.


    We're proud of where we've come from and we're excited about what our future holds. What started 45 plus years ago as a young machinery and equipment manufacturer has grown and endured to become one of today's industry leaders. The longevity we've enjoyed speaks directly to our passion for continuous improvement and advancement. The investments we make - both in our experienced workforce and in technology - ensure we're well positioned to embrace any and all business challenges we might face.

For information about Keltour products and services, please contact a sales representative at 905.335.6000 or email sales@keltour.com

* Projects are designed in conjunction with our customer and engineering partner organization.